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As there are numerous purposes for visiting USA, there are considerable grey areas on what can be done under the business visa and what cannot be carried out, hence individualistic attention is pre-requisite in obtaining the B1 Visa. Our expert panel of consultants at Smart Choice provides individualistic attention to each and every applicant for residents from GCC countries, Middle East and Africa.

B1 and B2 are visit visa programs for business travelers or “Visit for Business Visa”, and tourists or “Visitor for Pleasure (tourist) Visa”. However, there is a practice where an applicant having a prior tourist visa can also travel the country to attend a planned business trip or event. The term business event refers to the following engagements such as conducting negotiations, soliciting sales or investments, discuss planned investment or purchases, make investments or purchases, attend meetings, interview and hire staff and conduct research. Engaging in running a business, working or participating as a professional in entertainment or sporting events is not permitted under the B1 visit visa program.

  • Consult with business associates
  • Attend a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention or conference
  • Settle an estate
  • Negotiate a contract
  • Tourism
  • Vacation (holiday)
  • Visit with friends or relatives
  • Medical treatment
  • Participation in social events hosted by fraternal, social, or service organizations
  • Participation by amateurs in musical, sports, or similar events or contests, if not being paid for participating
  • Enrollment in a short recreational course of study, not for credit toward a degree (for example, a two-day cooking class while on vacation)

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